NEC FE700+ or Viewsonic E70f?

I am looking to buy either an NEC FE700+ or a Viewsonic E70f 17 inch monitor.

The two monitors have almost identical prices and specs. Can anyone vouch for either of these monitors, or either company?

I was leaning towards the NEC, but PCworld ranked it well below the Viewsonic (of course, I don't really trust PCworld, but it was enough to make me wonder).
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  1. I have the NEC FE950+, which is the 19 inch model. I've had it for two weeks now and can't complain at all.

    It has good geometry, screen purity and displays well saturated colours and dark text. And it is well focused, even in the corners.

    It also has a horde of controls to fix just about anything to your tastes.

    So I don't think you can go wrong with the NEC.
  2. I have Viewsonic display, and I am quite happy wtih it. But thing is Viewsonic specializes on monitors, while NEC is not. I cannot get any information on NEC monitors from their website. Perhaps you should see their website before deciding which to buy.

    This site is cool.
  3. I have a friend who has the FE700 and he's pretty satisfied with it. He said he noticed some screen geometry problems that can't be fixed through the settings, though. Don't know if it's just him that's unlucky, or if they're all like that.

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  4. Here is the NEC site:

    They amalgamated with Mitsibushi so perhaps that is why you couldn't find the site.
  5. A couple of questions for you Todd. I am strongly considering getting the same monitor as you (FE950+BK).

    Is the text clear at high resolutions? Are those 2 lines that come with aperature grid very noticable?

    I saw your previous post where you said you got it for $640 CND with tax. Where did you get it? Were you able to claim the $30 rebate? (I live in Canada too).

  6. From
    $575 NEC FE950+ 19" .25mm aperture grille 1700x1300 NOT INCLUDING TAX
    Don't know whether they will ship though.

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  7. Oops, that's for the "original colour" model. Didn't notice the "BK" at first.

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  8. Hey Iceclaw,

    I run it at 1600x1200x32 at 75MHz all morning, noon and nighty nite nite and it is a pleasure. The text is just as good as any monitor I've ever laid eyes on. Nice and crisp and well saturated, as are the graphics. The two damper wires are visible but quite faint and I don't notice them at all--unless I search for them. I doubt they will bother you but you never know. This is my first Diamondtron/Trinitron type tube (I've used shadow mask since 1993) and I don't wanna go back! It is pretty easy on the eyes :)

    I live in Calgary and got the monitor at 4 Star Computers down in Bridgeland, near downtown. It was $599 plus 7% GST, for a total of about $640.

    The rebates, as far as I know, were only for the FE950 models, not the new pluses. All the places around Calgary selling the older model were trying to get $699 for them with a $75 rebate.

    Have you found a manufacturer's rebate that I can use?

    Where do you live?
  9. I found this rebate, but it refers to the FE950 - I'm not sure if they classify the FE950+ as the same thing or not.

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    If you bought your monitor before April 1, you might be able to claim this rebate (which makes you a lucky bastard if you can :)

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    I live in Belleville Ontario. I haven't found a local place that sells this monitor, but I might be able to get in Toronto.
  10. Whoops! Same URL twice. Heres the other one:

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