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i have a rather old MAG monitor......17"...DJ707....i've been using it for the past three years and i love it...thing is...my eye has been recently suffering from eyestrains...a friend advised me to get a new one which is TCO 99 or 2000 compliant...the MAG is a TCO 92 compliant....is there any real difference in radiation emissions accordind to TCO gradings...??....the monitor is still in perfect shape...??
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  1. Hmm, thinking logically, the standards don't "wear" out as time passes. What don't hurt you in 1992 won't hurt you in 2001. It makes no sense that your eye strain will be gone with newer specifications. You might want to try to look at some greenary outside the windows for a minute every 10-15 minutes of staring at the monitor though.

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  2. What refresh rate are you running at?

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  3. my thought exactly arrow
  4. I've worked with MAG monitors (as a field engineer) in the past and the image quality on some models deteriorates badly over time.

    That's more likely to be the cause of your suffering, the deterioration is slow, if you use it frequently you will not notice.

    CRT monitor glare is hard on the eyes, irrespective of reduced emmisions and higher standards.

    Try using a TFT display, even though my eyes are OK after 15 years of staring at a CRT for too long, I sure feel better after a 10 hour coding session using a flat panel display.

    Expensive, but worth it.
  5. Ok, so dessouky's monitor is not completely intact...

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