Monitor Power Problems?

I have a Optiquest v73 that flickers. It's not the refresh rate, because it is persistent even at +100MHz. I think that it is a power problem. The outlet I have it plugged into shares the same breaker as my fridge and microwave. When I turn on the microwave, the flickering gets much worse. So I think that it is a inconsistent power or insufficient power issue. Instead of using a cheap power bar should I buy a surge protector to fix this? Or will I have to buy a much more expensive UPS? Or is there a third alternative?
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  1. Odds are this is NOT a power problem It is most likly a magnetic interferance problem. Move the system away from anything that creates a magnetic field like the microwave.

    Good Luck

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  2. Sometimes, if you have powerful speakers and they're right beside the monitor, they will cause this problem too.

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  3. I bought a power-surge protector that had a EMI/RFI noise filter. That fixed it right up.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
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