Samsung 700IFT Monitor Problem

A new Samsung 700 IFT monitor had the default setting with quite a large black border around the actual picture displayed . I used the zoom entry on the monitor's menu to try and take up most of the display area with the actual picture . At that setting , there is quite a noticeable "bowing in" of horizontal lines at the the bottom and top of the display - e.g. IE5 upper and lower bars . I've tried adjusting the monitor menu settings , and I think it's probably worse now . There appears to be a setting for correcting this phenomena on the vertical sides , but not the horizontal sides . I have a 17' Hansol Mazellan 700P which enables me to set it to take up the whole display area and no similar " bowing in " . The Samsung is a flat display ( not LCD ) . The Hansol is not . Is this a characteristic of the flat display ( i.e. the "bowing in" and thus one can't utilize the full display area ) or is there some monitor menu setting I've missed , or is it possible that this is just a problem with this particular one and that I should ask to have it changed for another of the same model ?
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  1. Try the "position" function.

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