HELP?! Iiyama 21" goes GREEN at warmup!!

About 6 months ago, I picked up a beautiful Iiyama 21" monitor - used (I know, I know). A few months afterwards, the monitor would be very green (no reds, or bright colours at all) for the first hour or so, then it would flicker a bit and pop back to normal.

Recently, it can take a bit longer to get going.

The picture, when it is working properly, is so sweet and I can never, never go back to a 17"er. BUT, this is getting annoying.

Is this a driver problem? Insufficient power to the monitor? Motherboard incompatibility? Bad cable?

Or, and I hesitate to say it, is the picture tube just dying a slow death? If so, it would probably cost a fortune to have it repaired.

Someone PLEASE send me a suggestion, comment, comiseration... anything!

Thanks in advance,

Osaka, Japan
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  1. It might be a cable problem (of your monitor). Check that cable. Also look earlier messages - someone also had this kinda problem. There are some advises out there.
  2. Check to make sure that your cable is snug and tight. One problem might be that one or more of the pins are not being contacted, or that the cable is defective.

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  3. Hi
    It could be a dry solder joint in the monitor, it might be worth taking it to a repair shop to get them to have a quick look. If it is a dry-joint then it should be cheap and easy to fix, but it could be more sinister but you wont know until a good engineer has had a look at it.
    If you feel it isnt the monitor try hooking up another moitor to your computer or your monitor to another computer, this will tell you where you fault is. My bet is its the monitor.

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