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ok now, my 19 inch monitor of an unknown make (smile apparently) blew up a few months ago, as im intrerested in doing graphical work i will need a good monitor, ive checked out the mitsubishi diamondpro 2045, the sony 21 inch fd trinitron but have decided on getting the LaCie electron22blue, is it worth spending the extra money just to get this monitor or should i go for the mitsubishi or even sony, which has a less clear picture, anyway i am open to suggestions...
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  1. if you do professional graphics work, maybe you shouldn't get a trinitron. It comes with the annoying damper wires which are a physical part of the screen. (you will see two thin grey lines in the middle of the screen, although people proclaim not ot notice them over time). I still dont now how any idiot can place wires in the middle of a monitor and screem out its superior picture?

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  2. Hi
    If you use your computer a lot then it is worth getting the best monitor you can resonably afford, especially if you use it professionally. I have just bought the IIyama vision master pro 510 (thats what its called in the UK)22" (19.5 viewable) monitor it cost £730 but im glad I spent the extra money as it is very easy on the eyes after long periods of watching it. Also it is pin sharp which helps reduce fatigue.
    It uses the Diamondtron tube which is an aperture grill type CRT this has the damping wires like all the aperture grill CRTs that I know of. Ok if i look for them I can see them but during work i am unaware of them. Most highend monitors that I have seen tend use aperture grill CRTs instead of shadow mask CRTs. The damper wires may be more visible on some CRTs than others, If you have the chance then check out a few monitors and see if the damping wires annoy you while you do some tasks on the computer. But I tend to find that poor foucus, poor convergence, poor white uniformity are more annoying/ fatiguing.
    Take your time choosing as you will probably have the monitor a long while, after a year that $100 or so difference and the extra time choosing that monitor will seem well worth it, if you get the right monitor!!.
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