Need of graphics card AND power supply for under £50

In need of a graphics card and power supply, i only have £50 to spend at the moment (will upgrade around summer time) I like in the UK hence would prefer to buy from a UK site please.
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  1. Whats it to go with and do you need to play games on it? Anyway a 5450 or 6450 are around your only options and a quality power supply is over £35 so if you want one to use when you upgrade thats your whole budget gone.

    That I think is the best, your budget is too low mate. It won't be far if you have Intel HD 3000 or AMD integrated 6410D. Or probably your old 9400GT. You can however save more money and get cards+PSU when you there is Radeon 7xxx coming up.
  3. this is the cheapest, good psu i could find:
    corsair builder series 430 cx v2 @ £33.60 inc. VAT
    that doesn't leave much for gfx card.
  4. For the most part, you are extremely limited. I assume you still have to factor in shipping and tax? The above PSU is a good option, it would support almost any low-mid level card.
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