Is a gtx 580 worth £290/$193 second hand?

was offered this its 3 months old also offered a 275 gtx for £100/$67

are either of these worth it they were advertised in a local paper from his own pc that hes selling and i called about these parts in the pc.

im pretty sure there overpriced for second hand???

i am doing a new build and was going to buy the xfx hd 6870 for about £120 whats your thoughts
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  1. also not sure about U.S but in uk a gtx 580 is worth £358 brand new!
  2. I think you've got your conversions wrong.

    £290 is $444 (USD)

    And £100 is $153 (USD)

    In other news, I would pay £290 for a second hand GTX580 non reference (MSI Twin Frozr or Asus DCU) but not a reference one.
  3. oh yeah cheers i went the wrong way lol

    thanks for ans
  4. A 1.5Gb 580 is from around £360+ and a 3Gb one is from around £420+ so it makes a big difference which it is. This 6950 is a bargain in the UK at the moment £160
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