New Monitor 26"+ Roughly £200 budget

Hey Everyone,

I've been looking around for a new monitor as mine are a bit dated now... I came across the following. (I am using a Nvidia GTX 560 TI)

27" I feel that it's at a good price, and just wondered what you guys thought or whether it was worth holding out or maybe
you guys knew of another display I should go for!

Many thanks in advance for any help

kind regards!
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  1. To my eyes, and I'm 57 this month.....26" monitors at normal desktop viewing distances look "grainy". The human eye can see individual pixels at PPI's (pixels per inch) of less than 96 ..... at 27", we talking < 82 ppi.

    I been buying strictly ASUS VG236HE of late....120 Hz monitor at $290 in US is a great buy

    Now my currency converter says that should be about 188 GBP but I haven't seen it in the UK for some reason below 300
  2. Yeah I see what you mean...

    Maybe 24" would be the best to go for... I've done a little bit of research

    ASUS ML248H 24-Inch 1920x1080 LED Monitor
    Has some pretty good reviews, but it's a fair few months old now, and normally theres something new every 6months prior to the release of there older one, it's just finding out when they're doing something new.

    I mainly play MMO's and do 3D modelling at Uni. Few people have said sizes doesnt matter for MMO's but again you put more pressure on the graphics card the larger the screen. I'm normally running two screens and just did a quick test normally my graphics card temperature is running at 40c, unplugged one and it's now sitting at around 27-30c...

    But yes, thanks or the advice :) think I should definatly downscale...
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