Can an nvidia® geforce® gt 555m pc turns a plasma tv into a 3D TV?

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My understanding is that a 3D LCD TV is simply a 120Hz or above regular LCD which can interlace two 60Hz pictures into a 3D picture with the help of video output trick and a pair of active shutter glasses. No physical difference between a 3D LCD and a traditional LCD. Since plasma panels have way higher refresh rates than even the best LCD panel, I think it should be no problem to turn any plasma panels into a 3d panel with 3d capable graphic cards and glasses.

I have a dell laptop equipped with nvidia® geforce® gt 555m which is 3D capable, I think if I can use the pc as the blue ray player and use my Panasonic plasma(traditional, non 3D) TV for a 3D movie. I know nvidia is selling a pair 3D glasses with the transmitter for $99.

Any one out there knows about this? or is it even possible?
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  1. There are different types of ways to achieve 3D. Nvidia uses active shutters which will work on regular 120hz screens but you also need to make sure the transmitter is compatible. Another issue is most tvs only have a 60hz max signal input and while it says 120hz it's using a frame blending technique to create those extra frames.

    There are other ways to achieve 3D that are actually different screens vs regular.
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