Good gfx card for a £100-150 budget?


I'm looking to upgrade my rig but with more current hardware, my budget is around £500 and that will be for the gfx card, mobo and cpu and a 1080p monitor, is the 6870 good for that ress?

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  1. What does the rest of your build look like?Or what were you thinking of getting.

    The 6870 is good for 1080p gaming.
  2. 6870 is perfect. The next step in the ladder would be the 560ti but its going for about 40 bucks more. Not ideal if you have a tight budget
  3. Well, for the mobo the Gigabyte GA-Z68A. It's a decent sandybridge compatible one at a decent price.. could go cheaper but that would be experimenting with unknown brands I believe my 500watt PSU should be enough to power that, as for CPU.. I'm not sure.. obviously 2500k is the thing to have nowadays but what about an i3? A 2500k might be a little bit outside my budget.. but if it's really worth it, then I might increase it a tad.
  4. See if you can find this Z68 mobo

    Not a bad mobo that don't let the price fool you.

    The Gtx 560 non ti version goes for 190 dunno how much its over there in the UK which I believe the prices are a bit high.
    But the 6870 performs ruffly on par with it and is 20 bucks cheaper so its a better choice.
  5. What is the make/model of your 500 watt PSU?

    The 2500k is the better choice but if your only an average gamer then the i3 will suite you just as good.It performs very well even when it comes to gaming and it's the budget builders CPU of choice if you wanted to stay within the 1155 socket.

    Biostar and ASRock make some quality units even though they are priced lower.Try looking for them if you really want the 2500k and stay within your budget.Of course another option would to be going with a high quality mobo from Asus,MSI or Gigabyte and getting the i3 now and save up for the Sandy Bridge-E processor to upgrade to later.
  6. It's a Corsair CX Series and thanks for the advice, has there been any new news regarding amds/nvidas next series of GPUs? As it seems better to hold off and just get one of their cards, if they are quite a bit better anyhow.
  7. Not really.The only thing I heard recently is that Nvidia is planning to refresh the GTX560ti.They are just going to add more Cuda cores.It should perform in par with the GTX570.Although I have no idea what the pricing or official release date is as of yet but rumors are still saying Q1 2012.
  8. Think they will increase the throughput a bit or make one with 2Gb slow ass ram and a 1Gb with faster ram like they did with the 440 lol
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