Upgrading from 5450 with £75 (Low Profile preferably)

So its payday today! :bounce: :pt1cable:
I am looking to bump up my computer from the terrible mistake of buying a XFX ATI 5450 1GB Low Profile Card im looking for the most i can get with my money for gaming

Purpose: Gaming
Budget £75
Looking to be able to play Skyrim (yes i know its not out yet)

Other Specs:
Vista Home edition (Soon to be Windows 7)
Pentium Dual E2140 1.6GHz (Soon to be upgraded)

I know my PC isnt much but im in the process of if upgrading it now i have a decent source of income per month.
Please answer with suggestions for graphics cards :) Thanks

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  1. Firstly, your CPU will definitely bottleneck any new powerful GPU you purchase. IMHO, you need a new CPU before you get a new GPU. But if a GPU is all you want to hear, then ati 5570 for 50$ is a good starting point. You can also find 5670 for 70$ which is much better than a 5450. But be warned, I do not think you will notice much improvement with new card, because your CPU is way too weak. GL.
  2. There was a low profile HD5670 if you can still find it but otherwise an HD6570 is probably your best bet.
  3. Thanks both ive done a bit of research and have come up with two places to get my card but i can still spend a bit more these cards are only £50 (GB) so ill probably need a low profile car thats around the $100 mark. These are the cards ive come up with so far:




    Also Wrazor could you suggest a CPU to get?? the cheaper the better but i need one thats still decent probably a low/medium end

    thanks :)
  4. Like I said if you can find the low profile HD5670 then go for it, otherwise get an HD6570.
    As for a CPU to be certain we would need the brand/model of your motherboard but for LGA775 boards in general decent and cheap right now would be the E5700 or E6600.
  5. For gaming which is better then 5670 or 6570??
    erm my mother board is a Dell Intel P35/G33/G31

    you can probably tell by now that im converting my pc pretty much :) ive never bothered till now cus ive only just started getting my money together
  6. BTW ive serached on ebuyer and it looks more like im buying everything haha so far for a starting point ive picked out:

    Black Micro ATX Case - No PSU
    Casecom 400W 12cm Fan PSU - 20+4pin 1x SATA 4x Molex
    HIS HD 6570 Silence Edition 1GB DDR3 DVI HDMI VGA PCI-E Graphics Card
    Intel Celeron E3400 2.6GHz 800Mhz FSB 1MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor

    comes to £119 with pastage etc but is it worth it?
  7. not if you plan to play anything other then minesweeper :) i would grab some cheapy current gen parts, or save up until you have enough

    also that psu looks way bad

    basically the parts you have there are 4-5 years old, (except the video card) also get a video card with DDR5 not 3, the performance difference is pretty noticeable
  8. What Dell system do you have?
    If you are getting a new case I don't see why you would still need a low profile card, unless you are getting a new case that is also ridiculously small which would be dumb.
  9. id say get the 5670 as its a little faster than the 6570
  10. ive just bought the 5670 and a new case http://www.ebuyer.com/244177-black-micro-atx-case-no-psu-pn501bb should fit and the craphics card only cost me £52 so hopefully i get a decent noticeable amount of performance not sure on the processor though might not get that just yet but i stil dont know what type and wat not to get :/
  11. how much more money do you have to build with? ideally grab cheap DDR3 ram + a cheap mobo and a triple core cpu from amd... but i dont know how much you have (the parts i just listed might equal up to about 130 usd)
  12. dunno about £100 so about 130 or 140 usd
  13. bidgbob said:
    not sure on the processor though might not get that just yet but i stil dont know what type and wat not to get :/

    We can't tell you what processors you can use if you don't tell us either what system you have or the model of your motherboard.
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