Good £50-60 Graphics Card for new games machine.

I have just built my first gaming machine with some of the following specs:

AMD Athlon x2 running at 3.5Ghz OC'd
4GB Kingston Ram running at 1333MHz OC'd
AsRock N68c-CC Mobo
1TB Samsung Spinpoint Sata HDD
Win 7 Ultimate...

I am after a decent gaming Graphics card available in the UK for between 50 an 60 pounds that will play games such as Dirt 2 and 3, Crysis Maximum Edition and COD4 with Decent FPS. My onboard graphics is awful and gets 3 fps on COD4 or something stupid like that. my Mobo only has one pcie slot so an SLI bridge is not an option and i am just after a good value card in this price range.

All suggestions warmly welcomed and thanked.

Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. What power supply do you have?

    And are you willing to buy used GPU from Ebay?

    The best you could get for £60 is probably a 9800GT 512MB or 1GB or HD 5670, if you can raise your budget, you can get a HD 5770 or GTS 450 which perform a lot better than either of those listed.

    Here is a GTS 450 for £80
  2. I would say the best you could get is the 6670.It has DX11 and it's a 2nd gen DX11 so Dirt 2/3 and Crysis should look good although you already know your not going to be maxing it out.But it will be a lot better than the intergreated GPU you have now.

    What is the make/model of your PSU?
  3. maybe a 5670 ddr5 maybe. idk. i know the ddr3 version ar like 70-75 bucks here in the US.
  4. The 512mb 9800GT Yummerz linked is a good deal or HD6670s can be found for £60 if you look around but I recommend you spend the extra £10 for this HD6750;
  5. i am running a 255w jeantech psu which i know wont power much but it is dual rail and i am lead to beleive this means it will handle a card which requires a 400w psu- is this correct? also. i have looked alot at the 9600GT cards but as i am new to this scene i still do not understand which 1gb9600gt is better than another. what is the best make for this type of card... and one more question... does a card that is 50% more expensive give 50% more fps etc or is thta not how it works? i am willing to buy used from amazon and ebay aslo.

    sorry for late reply and thanks for this guys :)
  6. i think the links from yummerzz are looking promiseful but the specs confuse me slightly. the 512mb card has OC in the title and has higher core clock and processor clock than the 1gb version which does not have oc in the title. so... could i buy the 1gb version then OC it to make its clocks match that of the other card.?
  7. Doesn't matter if it has a lot of rails or a single rail it's still 255 watts which isn't enough to power a 6670/5670 or a 9600GT.Their is still the option of the 6570.That card use's very little power so you could use it with your PSU.

    It depends.Generally it doesn't but if you got a 6670 and 50% more than that would be a 6870 and then you would get 50% more fps.But generally no.
  8. You would have to upgrade your PSU to use the GTS450.Although it is the most powerful card mentioned here.
  9. would 335w do coz thats what i meant to say. sorry...
  10. How many amps are on the +12v rails?

    It's not actually 335 watts.What's important is the +12v rails which is only a certain amount and it isn't 335 watts.It's only with the combination of the other rails does it come out to be 335 watts.
  11. i have no idea. im abit out of my depth with psu's here i think.
    shall i open it up and give you the numbers from it?
  12. Yah.Theirs a chart on the back and their should be a +12v rail(s).Just post back what the amperage is on those rails.Just the +12v.
  13. jeantehc 355w 5v - 120w 3.3v- 120w and 12v 270w 12- 270w... is that right?
  14. +12v = 270w
  15. No.The amps on the +12v rail.See how this one has 18amps on 2 rails.
  16. 15a
  17. You have 15amps on a single or dual rail?
  18. i says...
    +12 +12
    15.0v 15.0v
  19. formatting was lost there. but the 270w was inbetween the 2 15's which were each under a 12... if that makes sense. thanks for being so patient with me :)
  20. Yah it is.The 6770 is more powerful than the GTS450.But I don't think you can run either on your current PSU.
  21. will it just balls the psu or the mobo too?
  22. or whats the best 9600GT i could run with my current PSU?
  23. The 9600GT is a little power hungry.A lot of cards were back then.

    The 5670/6670 still use's less power and performs better than the 9600GT.
  24. whats the best 5670/6670 then???
  25. This is a good one.

    The GDDR3 memory models are within your price range but I would reccomend paying the extra for the GDDR5 memory.It will be better in the long run.
  26. will this run? is it a good deal? if so i will buy right now :)
  27. which wins... that asus amd or the msi 430gt?
  28. That link seems to be broken but the 6670 is way faster than the GT430(About double).
  29. asus amd 6670 it is then. thanks for that man!
  30. Welcome.I'm sure your going to be very pleased with it.
  31. what sort of fps can i expect from it with my current setup?
  32. Frame rate will depend on your resolution and what specific game and settings.
    Here's some number for the HD6670 for COD4;
    Check out the rest of the article for benchmarks from other games.
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