Graphics card for under £100

Hi guys. I'm a student so i have little money. I built a computer over christmas and now i'm looking for a pci-e graphics card so that I can play games like grand theft auto IV, call of duty black ops etc. does anyone know of any decent graphics card?
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  1. asus m4a78lt-m
    quad core AMD phenom II
    4GB DDR3 (upgrading to around 8GB)
  2. yummerzzz said:

    This is what you'll want for £100. What power supply does your system have?
  3. 800W :)
  4. Go for it,

    EDIT : Actually, what brand is the PSU?
  5. BTW I wouldn't bother with the ram upgrade. It is unlikely that you ever go over 4gb. DL a program that tracks RAM usage and see if you actually need more before spending the money.
  6. i cant remember the brand of the PSU im afraid :(
    thanks about the Ram upgrade, i will monitor it and see what happens :)
  7. Well, just make sure it has two PICE 6-pin power connectors, though, it most likely does, as it would be a waste to package a 800W PSU w/o one...
  8. thankyou
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