It is worth it to go from a GTX295 to a GTX480 that cost only £195?

I have found a ASUS GTX480 that is really cheap (£195) cheaper than the cheapest HD6950!!!

but i cannot decide if it is worth the upgrade from my GTX295 OC.
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  1. If you have a screeming need for DX 11,,, otherwise ????.............:)
  2. Upgrade in performance very limited, newer tech yes. Price almost to good to be true and you can recover a good chunk of that by selling the GTX295.
  3. For the difference you'll see, it's really just an epeen upgrade. but if you can afford it go for it, the 480 is a great card.
  4. The GTX 480 is a powerful and flawed card. The GTX 570 is the same performance, but fixed the flaws. Only get a GTX 480 if it's significantly cheaper than the GTX 570. Get a GTX 580 if you actually want an upgrade.

    My bad--that's a really cheap card. You may as well flip your GTX 295 for it.
  5. I finally got the GTX 480 I just couldn't resist :D
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