Good cheap graphics card! budget 50-60£ MAX

Good evening all,

I sold my old set up due to being at university and needed extra cash at the time. Went back home for the holidays and found that i had some hardware im not using what so ever so i thought of making a system built with some old parts.

The purpose for this system is so i can play some fps game, watch movies and mainly other entertainment.

Games i will be mainly playing(which i do play low settings most of the time, dont ask why);
- Counter-strike: source
- Counter-strike (1.6)
- other fps games

Specs of parts im going to use :

Cpu: Intel Pentium D dual core @ 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB (model 900 or 950)

Memory(ram): 2GB (2x1GB) Corsair 5400c4 @ 675Mhz

Motherboard: G41m-ES2L Gigabyte supports 775 socket

PSU: Xilence 600w

hard drive: IDE: barracuda 7200 40 GB

monitor: 19" @ res 1280X1024 ( be using 1024x768 res in games)

Inputs: standard keyboard and mouse and using headfones for sound

So to the point of this thread,

I am looking for either nvidia or ATi doesnt realy matter to me atm. to be able to play counter-strike source smoothly and wont burn a hole in my pocket. Just want any recommendations that anyone could link me to that is maxium 50£ but can perform nicely for gaming mainly.

Here are some card i have been looking at latly:





Thank you in advance for any advice or recommendations
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  1. HD4650 will be well matched with the rest of your system
  2. Thankyou ever so much for recommendation im going to buy it :)
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