What´s wrong with my ati 5770

now then the problem is that my gpu is generating a lot of heat 65 celsius in idle! and 100 celsius when playing! and that makes it no way possible to enjoy playing games, surfing the internet or even writing a document because the noise it make is killing me as because of the heat the fan have to stay at 75-100% all the time.....now i have already checked it for dust and cleaned it so its completely clean

and im sure its the gpu making all the noise since i replaced it with a nvidia 320 gt and after that i could not hear a thing
and it about 6 months old
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  1. You can try re-apply the thermal paste for your HD5770 and update it's driver with the latest version...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
  2. ok, i had it updated with the latest ati driver (10.12) my psu is a corsair vx550w
  3. What model of HD5770?
    Does that card blow the hot air out the back card?
    Seriously, try re-apply the thermal paste, it could be has dried out...
  4. great news i called a tech guy from my family who told my to vacume it and it worked apparently it was dust which i couldnt see (deep in the case of the card) soi feel kinda stupid but now its at 45 celsius without the fan having to work though
    thanks for the advice with thermal paste i will remember that
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