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Hi guys i am looking for a new graphics card for my pc, i have completly custom built it in a small micro atx case which i built out of acrylic it has an amd x6 1055t cpu and 4gb ddr3 ram and a gigabyte udh2 motherboard and 2 seagate drives in raid array.i am looking for a graphics card for my system it can not be physically big not much bigger than a geforce 8500 in physical size however it can be slighly longer around 1 inch. i have heard the 4850 is an awesome card and it should fit in my case i can get one quite cheap but does anyone have any better ones they know about maybe something with dx11 it is going on to a 32 inch screen but at res of 1024*728. cheers adam
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    4850 is a great choice and can handle all games fine on your resolution.
    And don't worry much about DX11,it won't make much of a difference.
  2. so nothing any better i heard good things about the 5670 and 5750 or have i been mis lead
  3. 5670 is slower than 4850;whereas 5750 performs like 4850.It however runs cooler,quieter and has less power consumption and also packs DX11.
  4. i dont think you can get a 4850 for under £70. they are sort of hard to find at the moment.

    heres a HD5670 for just under £60.

    a HD5750 is just above your price range at £76.32.
  5. cheers mate the 4850 i have spotted second hand for under £20. but i like the idea of the 5750 may look at them thanks
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