¿GTS 250 will make bottleneck in my System?

Hi guys , 2 months ago i bought one HD 5770 Vapor-X GDRR5, and causes bottleneck in my system, I thought about buying GTS 250 1GB DDR3 .
¿ think it will work fine on my computer ?

DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2800 MHz (14 x 200) 5600+


Kingston 3 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM

¿ you think I should add another memory module ?

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  1. Well, since you already bought the HD5770 then stay with that card, why you want to buy another card (GTS250)??
    What is your monitor?
    What speed is your CPU? you can OC it a little to get more performance increase...
  2. My Graphic card now is 8600 GTS 256 MB , i bought the HD 5770 Vapor-X GDRR5 and make bottleneck in my system , people said me that my computer is old for this card and with OC maybe can work good . i thought that maybe the GTS 250 could work well on my computer. My monitor is a CRT 17 " :D Im player of counter strike and left 4 dead and i play with low resolutions. And the subject in OC the problem is that I am a newbie and I have fear of doing it wrong. Sorry for my english .
  3. Why such a powerful card then if you play counter strike and left 4 dead?
  4. Okay, this is simple, get that GTS250 or HD4850 and OC your CPU then you're good to go... :)
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