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I've just about finished assembling my new system, but i've held off buying a GPU because i'd gone slightly over budget so i'd just like some feedback on which i should get. My budget is from around £125-£175.

I have no preference between ATI or NVIDIA.

I'm UK based so if possible i would like to use ebuyer/overclockers.co.uk

My current system is:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Socket AM3 3.2

Crucial 4GB Kit (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Memory CL6 1.8V

Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB

Asus M3N78-AM

I've looked around and i'm not sure between a HD5770/HD5830 or GTX460 768MB/1024MB





I'd also like it if you could clarify that the card could run on the PSU below;

Arctic Power 700W PSU

I'm currently running on a 1024x1280 resolution, but i'm going to upgrade to a 1650x1050 or 1080x1920 when i get my new GPU.

Thanks in advance for looking through this for me.
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  1. whether 5830 or gtx460 is up to you , the 5830 penforms better in some games and viceversa, if you don't mind the lack of physx i'd get the 5830.

    OR you could wait a couple months for the 6000s launch and see what they got and it'll also drop prices on all current cards.

    the psu should run any of those cards just fine
  2. Of those linked this looks the best value:


    I would stick with the GTX460, the HD5770 and 5830 are far weaker and I would not recommend either for this new build if you intend to go up to 1080 resolution later.
    Also have a gander at : Misco, Ebuyer, Microdirect, Scan, CCL, Aria and Dabs (but ther are others ;) ).
    My ideal would be a 1 Gb version, but check the prices carefully and bear in mind the GTX460 tends to run cool and quiet, even with stock cooling.
  3. coozie7 said:
    the HD5770 and 5830 are far weaker and I would not recommend eit.

    this says otherwise:

  4. Thanks for the replies, the GTX 460 linked above was my first choice, the only reason i hesitated is that in some benchmarks, at 1080 or over, sometimes the lack of frame buffer badly affected fps. However i'm not entirely sure 256MB RAM is worth an extra £40.

    And as far as the 6000 launch, i know it will bring down the price of the 5000 series, but will it affect NVIDIA prices much?
  5. if they're competitively priced and give a good penformance increase it will
  6. The release dates and performance figures for the upcoming 6XXX cards are unknown outside of AMD, everything else is just speculation.
    As for prices, it is not carven in stone: The HD4870/4850 prices fell slowly and even increased a little after the 5XXX release and with both companies keeping a tight reign on supply I would expect to see the same pattern when the 6XXX is released.

    Pricewise there is not that much between the 1Gb GTX460 and HD5830, but it depends on where you look, and a little careful searching can save a useful amount of cash.
    Given the fairly poor heat/power characteristics of the HD5830 I'd still opt for the 1 Gb GTX460.

    As for reviews, it depends where you look, this one says the exact opposite of Toms!


    Here the 1 Gb GTX460 bests the HD5830 in almost every test and was the review I based my comments on.
    This just highlights the importaince of reading more than one review before making a decision and also checking the numbers: In both reviews the margins can be quite small although the graphs may magnify them and make it look like one card dominates the other, even though the speed differences may only be a few FPS.
  7. that xbitlabs review looks a bit fishy. it shows the gtx460 beating the hd5870 in half of the games.

    scan have some cheap prices for graphics cards. xfx hd5770 for £113.


    if you want to buy from ebuyer, theres this msi hd5770 for £120.


    heres a xfx hd5830 with avp included for £158 from scan.


    ebuyer have the sapphire hd5830 with modern warfare 2 included for £165.


    scan have a asus gtx 460 768mb for £129.


    ebuyer have a msi 768mb gtx 460 Overclocked edition cyclone for £140.


    scan have a 1gb EVGA gtx 460 for £171.


    ebuyer have a gigabyte gtx 460 1gb overclocked version for £173.


    this 1gb gtx 465 with mafia 2 included just fits in your £175 budget.

  8. What's the general consensus on the GTX 465, because i've seen alot of reviews saying its slower than the GTX 460 whilst still being more expensive.
  9. I've also being comparing the 768MB with the 1GB, and, as seen in this article, for 40 pounds there is rarely more than 5 frames between them;


    Sometimes at 2560x1600 the frame buffer ( or lack thereof ) becomes an issue, but i'll never run at that res anyway.
  10. steer clear from the gtx465, it's expensiver, run much hotter and use alot more power than both gtx460 and 5830, it also penforms worse.

    i'd highly recommend paying the extra for a 1gb version. on my 5850 few games like gta iv all maxed @ 1360x768 uses 982mb; crysis very high 4xaa uses 800ish mb at the same resolution , and there are more games than just that.

    plus you never know maybe in the future you'd like to sli 2 460s and get a big monitor, your framerates will double but you'll still be limited to only 768mb which can be a problem at high resolutions
  11. ^ +1
  12. just found a pretty cheap gtx 460 768mb card. its by palit and its only £116.

  13. ^Something is wrong with that price.

    Ialso say get the 1Gb gtx460. It has a little bit more memory, more bits witch means more bandwidth for RAM, and more shaders if i remember right..
  14. palit 460's are known for being hotter than standart ones, they reach 80+ under load because of the crappy heatsink not covering the vrms
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