Should I upgrade from a GTX 260 to GTX 295 for £210?

Current specs for this build:

i7 920 @ 4.0GHz
4GB RAM (1600 MHz)
Coolermaster V8
GTX 260
750W PSU

Uses: Gaming and Photoshop
Playing at 1920x1080 on a 23" monitor.
Main Games: Champions Online/DC Universe/FF14/STALKER/Crysis/CoD/Sims 3/AoE3

Basically I'm selling my GTX 260 to family for £60 - I can pick up a GTX 295 for £210 as stated. I'm wondering if this is; 1. A good price and 2. a worthwhile upgrade.

The other thing that is making me reconsider is from what I understand, the 295 takes a 6pin+8pin input and my PSU only has 2x 6pin (with no 8pin covertor/adaptor). Does that mean an upgrade is required?
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  1. After checking... I've made a little mistake lol. My PSU does actually have the 8pin adaptors... so there's no problem there. =)
  2. Here's a good review that shows the GTX 260, GTX 295, and the new GTX470/480's just to give you solid comparisons. :)

    Depending on the game and resolution, the GTX 295 can be about double the overall FPS of the GTX 260. :)
  3. I would get a GTX 470 and OC the hell out of it rather than a GTX 295.
  4. I'm not familiar with overseas pricing and conversions. But wouldn't the GTX 295 @ £210 be cheaper than the GTX 470? I'm presuming perhaps he'd be getting the GTX 295 used...?
  5. It would be slightly cheaper, yes.
  6. It's a bad buy regardless. With that money he could get a 5850 which would be a much better buy overall.
  7. I agree, 5850 would be a better route than the 295. Why buy a card now that doesn't have DX11 support and has high power consumption, effectively making the card more expensive? Can't remember what the idle consumption of the 295 was but from memory it was close to if not over 90W o.O
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