Upgrading 8800GTS 320mb on a budget of £150 ($220)

Hi, I have looked through the wealth of information on this site and the forum to try and find a suitable card but there is just too much to take in. It has been quite some time since I looked into graphics hardware so I have no idea how the cards are named, which model numbers are better than others, which manufacturer is best etc. Since you all seem to know your stuff (much more than I do at any rate) I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask directly on here.

Anyway I digress. Following the guide posted on here for asking these types of questions, here is as much information as I can provide for you:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week/next week BUDGET RANGE: between ($150 -$220) I am English so I will have to find a UK supplier and adjust my prices for GBP though. Before / After Rebates

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming is top priority, I don't actually do a lot of gaming. My main reason for changing is I have a problem with cooling in my current machine. I am trying to find a good case/PSU combo that can provide better cooling than I have at the moment. I am not changing my mobo/CPU or RAM because I don't feel like I need to. I only want to get a new card because I am changing these other components and I might as well change it too. I do want to be able to run Crysis at pretty high spec comfortably since I cant at the moment. I do also do a lot of stuff using the UDK so it needs to be able to handle UE3 well too.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Currently XFX Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 320mb with a CIT 600w ATX12v P4 power supply (apologies is this isn't that helpful, I read this information directly from the PSU label)

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: ASUS P5B mobo (only has 1 PCIe 1.0 x16 slot I know this is an issue for some newer cards), Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.4ghz, 2 x 1GB sticks PC2 5400 DDR2 RAM, 2 Maxtor HDD (1 x 80gb, 1 x 320gb although the smaller is going to be removed when moved into new case because I think there is a fault with it) 19" Viewsonic (oh yes) monitor, Everything in the machine is stock, nothing is overclocked or has any different coolers or heatsinks etc. As for the case, I has one rear 120mm fan. This is not an issue in my decision I will tailor the case fans and PSU (if necessary) to my choice of card. I don't think there is anything else, if you think of anything just ask me.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: no real preference so long as it is UK based and is reputable. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United Kingdom

PARTS PREFERENCES: OK, I have been leaning towards ATI cards simply because I have been given blanket statements by the people I have asked which say that they are better value. I don't know, hence why I am here, the important thing is that it out performs my current card.

OVERCLOCKING: Not really my thing (too paranoid about heat issues) SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No (mobo doesn't support and I don't want to change)


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Ideally I would like something with better than stock cooling, however this isn't as important as performance. As I stated earlier I am changing the case and cooling set up based around the card anyway. I would prefer a card with 1gb RAM but I know nothing about how much difference this actually makes so I am open to suggestions with less than this if it will perform well. I do want to run Crysis on quite high settings, with the physics and everything since my current card can't. It is quite important that any suggestions should support DX11. Seems a bit pointless to upgrade to something that doesn't.

Right, I think that is about all the information I think is relevant and I hope to hear from someone at some point.

Thanks in advance!

PS. If i have missed any glaring information or I have started this thread in the wrong place I apologize I don't post in forums often. Just notify me and I will amend it. Also I am sorry the post is so long and rambling, I appreciate any time people give to reading it.
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  1. Im in a similar position to you. I have a core 2 e6600 (oc'd to 3ghz) and 8800gts 640mb and am looking into an upgrade soon. Id say your best bet is between an ati 5830 or nvidia gtx 460 (1gb models). Read the tomshardware review of the gtx 460 for benchmarks of these cards. Im not familiar with the brand PSU you have, 600w would be enough, but you may need extra power connectors for these cards as they require 2 6 pin connectors. Im not sure about PCIe 1.0 compatability issues, maybe someone else can answer. You could go for an ati 5770 for a cheaper/ lower power consumption option.
  2. If you're in the £150 mark, the new GTX 460 (768 MB) might be a good choice as they are available now from about £152.

    To the OP, it would be nice to know the wattage of your PSU just to make sure its sufficient to power the upgrade, the 460 needs a 500W minimum PSU, although im not too sure how much amp it required from the 12V rails.

    Normally ATI would be a good brand to go for, but the 460's competitor, the 5830 doesn't deliver the performance the 460 does.

    http://www.scan.co.uk is the supplier to go for if you're english like me.
  3. Hi there mate!

    I was reading through, thinking about a few things, and then I saw the resolution you were running in - 1280 x 1024.

    Thats a very low resolution, in some ways, you are unlucky because you have a small monitor but in others its great because you won't have to buy a monster GPU.

    $200 = £132.

    At that level, assuming you want to buy a new GPU, the best thing to do is probably to get yourself a ATI Radeon 5770


    This one comes in just under budget, and has Twin Frozr II which claims it will be up to 13C lower than stock.

    It will easily drive your display at that res, is DX11 compatible, has HDMI, and should run pretty cool and quiet.
  4. Your looking at something like a 5770 thats for sure. The 460 is a decent recomendation but the advice about checking the PSU is vital. Theory is that the 460 will make ATI drop prices within a week or two but these things have been known to go the other way so its up to you if you want to wait and see or just get one now.

  5. Thanks for the quick response, I will certainly have a look at the GTX 460. My PSU is 600W according to the label on the side, so it should be ok if the minimum is 500W.
    I have to say I had only looked at ATI's range and wasnt overly impressed. I read the card buying guide on here which was a little contradictory. The 5830 seemed to be the worst performer out of the ones it was compared with.
    I will have a look around on here at some of the reviews of the GTX 460 and see what I think. Ideally I wanted one with a gig of RAM on it, but to be honest I think 768mb will be enough.

    Thanks for your advice.
  6. Its not only the 600W stat you need to be looking at but how many 12V rails the PSU has and what the AMP ratings for these rails are as your graphics cards massively relies on decent AMP outputs to be powered properly. Try finding your PSU online to find full specs.

    In your budget range it literally is a massive toss up between ATI and Nvidia, any higher and i'd have said ATI as you'll have stumbled into the GTX 470/480 territory which are... disappointing thus evoking a straight up ATI recommendation. But the 460 is a really good advancement in Fermi so i recommend it for consideration. The 1 Gig will always be more recommended over the 768 but its just budget constraints, if you can stretch to £200 for the 1gig then go for it.
  7. Well my budget depends on whether I have to replace the PSU or not. If I don't have to change it I can put the money from that into the GPU, if I do then I can't.

    I think I have found my PSU. It appears to have:

    Dual 12v Rails
    New Version Ver. 2.2
    Silent and Better Ventilation
    ATX 12V Compliant for all Types of CPU and Mainboard
    12cm Silent Fan
    20+4 Pin Main Connectors: 1
    P4 4-Pin 12V Connectors: 1
    4-Pin Molex Peripheral Connectors: 4
    SATA Connectors: 2
    6-Pin PCIe Connectors: 1
    Floppy Drive Connectors: 1

    I don't know whether this information will help narrow down or rule out some of the suggestions.
  8. That PSU is quite cheap which usually means low quality. It has 2x 18 Amp +12V rails if its the same one I'm looking at, which doesn't mean it has 36 Amps available. Unfortunately it doesn't list the Watts for the +12 rail or we could have worked it out. It also only has a single PCIE connector so i personally would stick to a card that only needs one and that means a 5770.

  9. OK well thanks to everyone who has replied, its been a great help in deciding what I should get. It seems the card that has the most mentions is the Radeon HD5770. Since they do a model with 1gb RAM, an improved cooler (thanks to parge for the link) and I get the feeling it will work ok with my current PSU I think this will be the one I go for.

    I have been trying to get some more accurate and detailed info about my PSU but there doesnt seem to be any more out there.

    Anyway thank you all for your time and advice it is greatly appreciated. I wont be ordering anything just yet because I need to find the best price etc so if anyone thinks of anything else I need to know please continue to post.
  10. waitign is probly a good idea. as posted before due to release of the 460 yesterday prices will probably go down on 5770 line

    as for the psu.. you can usually get a pretty good one for a decent price. judging y your system with a 5770 i'd say 500w should be plenty but for longevity of the system i'd get a 500w corsair or otehr good 80plus psu
  11. also if your PSU is more than 5 years old, gets a fair bit of use, and is a cheaper brand, it may die soon due to leaky or bulging caps. I would even open it up, clean all the dust out with compressed air and check the caps. Do a google search for "leaking capacitor" if you dont know what to look for. If it dies could take out other components with it including your new video card. I personally would not take the chance with it if getting a GTX 460, but the 5770 may not put such a strain on the PSU.
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