Help with a screen to use with my xbox 360 and PC £400-800

Hi there! I'm new to this board and I'm in need of some help regarding a new monitor/TV to use with both my Xbox 360 AND my PC. I was considering a screen between 27" and 32". with a budget up to £800, but ideally around £600

The display must be good for games! and work well with a PC.

I was considering a Samsung LE32R74BD 32" screen.

Anybody have any useful advice? Recommendations and things/specs that I should be aware of would be helpful and appreciated!

Thankyou! :)
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  1. hmm no responses. t.v's aint my thing, however for that money you could get my monitor. basically it is only 24" but it does have a native res of 1920 x 1200 which is HDTV compatible so you could use it with your x-box if it has a component connector. i bought my one for £672. that sounds alot but it is great. it isn't HD ready as no HDMI but if you plan on usiong you pc with it you won't regret it. oh BTW its a dell 2405fpw.
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