Upgrading 8800GT, £100 budget

Right well, my 8800GT died and I brought it back to life via the oven, for a day. But it's now conked out on me.

So I need a new card, mainly for gaming. I have an e6750 dual core processor, GA-P35-DS3L motherboard, only 2gb ram and a 500w PSU.

I have no idea on Graphics Cards nowadays, I actually ordered a 9800 green edition a few days ago, but canceled when the oven actually worked and when I'd read and actually realised that it was probably worse than my 8800 used to be. Help ASAP is appreciated so I can get one ordered soon!
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  1. I definitely recommend you to raise your budget a bit and get a 5770
    Because with anything lower than that,you won't see a huge difference compared to your card.
  2. Does the rest of my PC suite this card? PSU, processor etc. Obviously gaming means graphics are important, but those graphics don't mean much if I get terrible FPS

    Are there any other choices?
  3. Yes a 5770 will work fine your system,however if you are using a 64bit OS,upgrade your RAM to 4GB later.
    As for other choices,you can get a HD 5750/Nvidia GTS 250 but they won't give you a huge boost in performance
  4. If you really can't stretch to a HD5770 then you could opt for a HD4850, its slightly less powerful and doesn't have DX11, but it is within budget.

  5. Ordered the 5770. Thanks for the help. Quick replies in both of my threads.

    Although a bit more than I wanted to spend as I'm not TOO fussed about having great graphics, I figure it'll last the longest.
  6. You did the best thing,it won't disappoint you and will give you a notable boost in performance
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