Will NVIDIA® GeForce GT220 Be sufficant for WoW?

Not really a gamer, but I like to play WoW and was wondering is the NVIDIA® GeForce GT220 would be able to run WoW at max graphics.....

I'm going to have 8 gigs of ram and Studio XPS 8100, Intel Core i5-650 processor(4MB Cache, 3.20GHz).

The Exact vid card is 1024MB nVidia GeForce GT220

Remember i'm only going to be playing World Of Warcraft on it =/
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  1. yes it should be sufficient
    ihave a gt220 right now, plays cod6 and nfsshift on medium settings
    if u want high, realistic quality in game u should upgrade to ati radeon hd 5670/5750
  2. What resolution are you going to play at ?
  3. Wow really cant look "real" but i ordered the computer the other day and its going to have a 23" monitor so i donno what res yet =[
  4. so everything should go alright?
  5. A 23" monitor is usually 1920x1080,well on that resolution you can play well but you have to use medium settings for some options
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