Best graphic card psu combination for under £100/$154

i wanna upgrade my graphics card but my psu is only 200W :fou:
is there any good combinations of a psu's and gpu's that i could get my hands on ? :D
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  1. Hello man, I need to know if you have an AGP or PCI-express video card slot. If you have a PCI video slot then i will suggest you getting the Radeon HD 4650 low profile, because I ran that card on a 220watt psu and it worked fine. However power consumption varries depending on what other hardware you have inside your computer, for example some processors consume more power than others.

    There are sites on the internet that calcluate for you the amount of watts that you are going to need.

    List some more system specs and I will get back to you
  2. A 200Watt power supply? Do you have a super small case? You might need a special type of power supply replacement.
    What make/model of PC do you have?
  3. ive got a mid tower case , yes ive got PCi express x16
    my pc is this one
  4. also my psu is actually 220W ( not much of a difference lol ) by 'Delta Electronics INC'
  5. i found the same psu as mentioned earlier for £40 :P at ,( this site has 4.5star seller rating on google shopping revieed fby 30 people so ill trust it :P )

    leaving £60 for the gpu give or take
  6. What is the best price you can find on a ATI Radeon 5670 HD video card?
  7. around £ 70 :(
  8. i only need a card to play WoW maxed :P
  9. Sapphire Radeon 5670 £71.17 Inc VAT
    Corsair -400CX power supply £36.88 Inc VAT

    Since it's only WoW you're mentioning you can actually get away with spending less on the power supply and the video card if you want.
  10. is there a big peformance diffference between the 4670 and 5670 ? ( yes im a computer noob : P)
  11. Some difference...... but not huge
  12. might as well go with the 5670 then :P ty
  13. If you can fit it in your budget I agree...
  14. just to be sure is the psu is going to work , here's a pic of the sticker on my current psu
    to see if the Corsair -400CX power supply will work
  15. The Corsair 400CX will work fine. It has 380W +12V vs your current PSUs 218 +12V output.
    Corsair CX400W Power Supply Review
    And you can see the 5670 power requirements from this Sapphire 5670 has a 400W PSU recommendation listed under the System Requirements tab.
  16. has it got a fan on the top ? o.O , if it does wont the fan be blocked by the top of my casing ?
  17. bump
  18. Actually, the fan is on the bottom of the PSU.
    Since your case probably has the PSU on the top you won't have the fan blocked off by the case.
    If you had a PSU with a top mounted fan you'd just flip the PSU over anyway.

    It's possible you might want to add another case fan, or get a more powerful case fan replacement, if you find your system running hotter than you like. But thats going to be due mostly to the new, hotter video card. Just monitor the CPU and GPU temps and they'll let you know if you need to do anything more with case ventilation.
  19. how much hotter would the temp get ?
  20. No way to know for sure. Check your CPU and GPU temps now while gaming, and then measure again after the upgrade. With the bigger PSU 120mm fan temps might even go down. But with the more powerful hotter GPU I'd expect them to go up a bit.
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