Nvidia geforce 9600 gs 1Gb vs nvidia® geforce® 9600 gt 512Mb

Hello, can somebody please tell me which of these graphic cards is better: nvidia geforce 9600 gs 1Gb or nvidia® geforce® 9600 gt 512Mb??? I don`t need to play games but for graphic design stuff and programs like Adobe Package.
The PC is a:
Intel® Quad Core™ 2.60 GHz
4 GB DDR2 - 800 MHz
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  1. If your graphic design software is hardware-accelerated, then more memory and faster GPU is always better. Given that GT>GS, but 1GB>512MB, I think you would benefit more from more memory. Multiple files open tend to consume around 40 MB per file on the gfx card, and windows also wants its share.
  2. Sorry, I dont know what hardware-accelerated means but the 9600GT 512Mb is a gift to me so I dont know which one to use...? Should I buy e better graphic card and if so what do you recomand to me (without spendig a lot of money) for this PC?
  3. Oh, if you already have the 512MB 9600GT, then that's already pretty good. No need to buy a different one if you have a decent one already.
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