Best gaming laptop for £300-400 ($600??)

Obviously i know im not going to be able to get a top performer, but want to be able to play recent, ie COD4, C&C3 + redalert games on low-mid settings.

Whats likely to be the best graphics in this price range?? Would prefer to have older tech and faster performance rather than vice versa.

Can you get a 9600m or 4670 in this price range??

Cheers, Dean.

Edit: Dont mind refurbished lappys either.
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  1. anyone????
  2. thanks for the help ....
  3. In a hurry aren't we ? 2 hours haven't gone by since your 1st post. Find yourself a Clevo dealer near you. $600 is tough's who builds all mine (and half the major brand names you'd recognize) .... USA though

    headquarters site
  4. hehe, sorry im @ work and theres nothing to do, this is the only thing keeping me sane @ the mo, its 4am here lol!
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