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I'm looking for a £80-100 graphics card to replace my x1950 Pro. I'm having a hard time comparing graphics cards as I don't really know what to look for. I mean, how good is the HD4850, is there any real difference between that, the 4830 and the 4870? Also, what is the equivalent nVidia card? If anyone could point me in the direction of a fairly good bargain, it would be much appreciated. Note: it has to be able to support two monitors (primary 1680x1050, secondary 1024x768). Both are VGA, but I have the HDMI adapters (which I currently use).

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  1. Save another £15 or £20 (for P&P aswell) and get the GTX 260 from here:

    Also be sure ur PSU has 2x PCIe power connectors

    you MIGHT (and i mean MIGHT) be able to find a 4870 for under £100 if your lucky...that card is best price/performance on the market. (and probably 3 to 4x faster than your x1950pro)

    Otherwise go with 4850! about 2 to 3x faster than your x1950

    DO NOT get the 4830....its probably not really meant for proper gaming.
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