Hd 4670 ddr4 fan replacement...¿

once i was gaming(sf iv) and the game got slow so i saw the the gfx temp and was 90+ so i realized the fan wasn't spinning ever since then i always had to start the fan myself spinning it with my finger till one day my fan just died so i took it off and bought a fan somewhat bigger and more powerfull and i connected to the board instead of the vid card. but im not sure ,, is the fan supposed to blow air towards the gpu or blow air out of the gpu(video card) right now i have it blowing in to the card. it that correct?

so my two questions are:

1 is the fan supposed to blow air towards the gpu(video card) or blow air out of the gpu ?

2 i connected the fan directly to a motherboard pin (thinking it will give it more power), is that ok?
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  1. What fan did you buy? It should have come with instructions.
    I believe a GPU fan normally blows toward the GPU, although all of my current ones rather blow through it (HIS IceQ4 models). My old ASUS EAH3850 had its fan sitting in the middle of a radial heatsink, and drew air toward itself.
    Connecting to a mobo fan header may not be a great idea, because any speed control will be based on the heat of something on the mobo, not the GPU. Monitor your GPU temps with something like Rivatuner (although it won't be able to adjust the fan) and make sure they stay ok. Or, use a 3-pin to Molex adapter and run the fan full speed off your PSU. Hopefully you bought a low or medium speed fan, as a high speed fan will howl at full speed.
  2. a bought a normal fan it looks like a case fan, 12v, no instructions. gpu temp right now is 43 C on load in 60s i guess
  3. Tell us exactly which card it is, if possible provide a link to a photograph or review so we can see what we are dealing with here.
  4. The fan blows down onto the card.
    Surely it is still under warranty?
    Although I can understand if you do n't want to go through the RMA process!
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