Big Boy "Luxury" water cooling, over 95Cº?

Hey there,

I´m really interested in some water cooling or whatever type of cooling available at Amazon, PC MALL or Tiger, the reason is that only these web pages have shipping to the specific location of a currier that send me the stuff to El Salvador....

My system is:
-i7 920 OC 3.0 W/HT & Turbo...
-MSI Eclipse
-2x PNY 285 GTX "Stock speed"
-2GB Markvision Memory "upgrade coming"
-Corsair 1000 HX

I´m getting over 95cº on one of my graphics card and on the second one it hits the 80 - 85cº, i really want to know if there is any good after market VGA air cooling or water cooling that would cover all my system, CPU, Motherboard if possible (IOH, etc) and my cards.

I get these temps at Crysis 1440x900 4xAA 16xAF V. High DX 10, and 70cº at iddle? LOL.
BTW Fans are at 80 - 100% Speed... also tried to underclock in a 20%, one side of the case open but temps are almost the same.

Please let me know the top of the line water/air cooling at whatever price..... i dont want to fry my system so im willing to pay for a high end cooling solution.
Thanks a lot!!
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  1. 1. Water cooling CPU and GPU will set you back a good $400 or more for good quality parts. DO NOT get a kit such as Thermaltake BigWater,etc.

    2. If your case,etc has space you may be able to mount an Antec SpotCool to provide more airflow to the GPUs.

    3. You may be able to mod in a 70 or 80mm fan somewhere near the GPUs to provide more airflow.

    4. What case are you using?

    PS: Frozen CPU ships to any where in the world:
    Check them out if you need any thing. Their prices are usually higher than Newegg/Tiger but they carry some really hard to find stuff and a very large water cooling selection.
  2. Or you could try to increase the fan speed on the hotter card using Ntune or Rivatuner.
  3. Coozie, he said his fans were already between 80% and 100% and the temps were still that high. If the cards are right on top of each other, then the card on top doesn't have space to suck in enough air. But since it's an MSI Eclipse, I know that there's one slot space between them, so that can't be the problem.
    What's the ambient air temperature in the room (and in the case) when it's reaching these high temperatures? And also, what Sniper said: What case are you using? I find it hard to believe that your rig is even functioning at those temperatures, and that you don't have enough air flowing through. Even the 280 shouldn't be getting this hot unless your case can't evacuate hot air effectively.

    If you really are going to pony up for a water cooling setup, is the way to go (as per Shadow's suggestion). I personally would suggest Swiftech water blocks, and probably at least a 3x120mm radiator.
  4. What is your room temperature?

    I can imagine that you have at list 35C :ouch: room temperature in order to have such high temps with fans at 80 - 100%
  5. You will need a 320 rad just for the i7 alone. If you are going to WC those cards, you are going to need a 220/each or 320 for both...
  6. Interesting, thanks for the answers.

    Is it possible to just try to fix these cards by replacing their thermal paste?, if so, which one is the best T.P. to use?

    On these days spending $500+ is not very welcome to any pocket..... and i found a way to finaly enjoy the power of these cards by turning the AC on and putting a Fan infront of the computer.... i could even overclock my i7 to 3.6+Turbo :sol:

    Anyway, i wonder if there is anyone with a water cooled 285 video card here?, if so, i would like to just clone your water system setup....

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