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Hey at the moment I'm using the Nvidia 6800 which is very outdated at the moment and sometimes struggles to run games like mass effect on low.
So what would you recommend is a good ~£100 card at the moment. What wouldnt a card at that price be able to handle?

Also could someone give me the run down on how to compare the Nvidia numbers. I know the first is the series and the last three are where its positioned in that series. But is say a 9600 worse that say a 8700?

Thanks guys
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  1. You may need to upgrade your power supply as well when you buy a new graphics card.
  2. you didn't say the powersupply.....

    I would go for something like this
  3. Aye thanks for the help. Seems like the 9800 GT is on the cards.
    Is 512mb GDDR3 a good bet. Is there a big need for values above that?

    Whats the Graphic Memory for anyways? It cache the textures or something? Why cant the RAM do this instead?

    Excuse the amount of questions ha.
  4. Good point on charts AMG, problem being that those are dollars and whilst it is true that 100 dollars generally transfers to UK residents being shafted by a 100 pound comparison it isn't always true.
    I would say that you'd want the GTS 250 or 4850 for those prices, you could perhaps get a very basic 4870 (better but minus games or stuff). I'd be tempted by the 4850 as the 250 is just more rebadging of older technology. Plus side to that is it's been well tested by now but downside is that you're unlikely to be able to overclock it any and it may not scale to well in the future vs the newer 4850.
  5. So is the GTS 250 512 better than the 9800 512 at running games?
    Because the 250 is a bit cheaper.
  6. Sorry for double post wouldnt let me edit.

    Nevermind about the 9800 then the GTS 250 is significantly better than the 9800 GT apparently.
    Btw is Inno3D a reputable manufacturer, any issues?
  7. erm i think £100 would be about $120 wouldn't it ? , and generlly the HD4850 would be the same as if not better than a GTS250 *cough* 9800GTX++

    its user perferances really as I noticed the better onces (with better coolers) are over £100 you can get a basic HD4870 for like £120 from OCuk
  8. Can I get some sort of confirmation that the HD4850 is better than the GTS 250? :-)
    Do many games utilise PhysX?
  9. @ Chipmunkzors: Check the benchmarks here:

    And the chart here:,review-31583-6.html

    As you can see, they are evenly matched. If they were boxers, it would be a split points decision on the victor!
    We need your PSU specs, though, both cards need a fairly powerful unit to run and the HD4870 can use a lot of juice for a single card.
    Like this?
  10. wow,wow,wow, guys what about his system specs first eh? (including his psu ofc) be4 making him buy a 4850/gts250 dont get me wrong these are fine cards but no use running these with a pentium 4.
  11. Its 305W.
    How will it cope?
  12. You have a Dell, do n't you?
    Even if you do not, we need to know the full specs.
    And 305W is not enough to run more than a 9600GT/HD4670/4770.
  13. Yeah. Dell Dimension 5000.

    I heard they only work with Dell PSUs or something?
  14. How do you work out what you need for PSU?
  15. Wait..a P4 ?
    Get a new pc IMHO
    cause even if u put a GTS250 or 4850 it will cause a BIG bottleneck and prevents the card from performing like it should..
    I tried this before
    P4 2.66GHz with 9600GT 3dmark06 >> 3600 seomthing (This is done on 1280x1024)
    E7200@3.2GHz with 9600GT 3dmark06 >> 10k~11k something
  16. och P4 for a current gen GPU och I m sure they would like that :D

    sorry I got a little too carried a way to quick :D
  17. coozie7 said:
    You have a Dell, do n't you?
    Even if you do not, we need to know the full specs.
    And 305W is not enough to run more than a 9600GT/HD4670/4770.

    you are dead wrong
    i ran both a 9600GT and 9800GT on that Dell 305w PSU as have many other dell owners
  18. ''dont get me wrong these are fine cards but no use running these with a pentium 4'' lol gotta love p4s
  19. But its 3.2 Ghz Dual Core.
    I was under the impression that was reasonably good?
  20. it, was.....

    but its a petuim D? yes

    I know someone with a fiarly good graphics card on one of those :P overclocked through
  21. I'm running at 1280 x 1024 I think so the bottleneck shouldn't be too noticeable should it?

    Are the numbers in processors quite meaningless then? Because 3.2 Ghz with 2 Physical cores seems good to me. I take it the later models are better because of different tech not the clock speed?
  22. @ Chipmunkzors: As ct1615 says, you can run the faster 9800GT on your system, so add that to those I listed in my speculative post, although you may have difficulty finding one.
    I would drop the HD4670 from the list, it's so much slower than the others.

    I would not worry too much about the CPU limiting graphics performance. For a gaming machine I always bias it towards GPU speed anyway when building, that way I can apply higher levals of AA/AF without dropping the framerate too much.

    Yes, more modern designs are more efficient and can do more work in the same time. Clockspeeds should only really be used to compare the same generation of chip from the same company and even then performance can be effected by other factors.
  23. I found a GTS 250 for £85 so thats a good choice I think. Its like the speed of the 9800 GTX or something.
  24. Get a 4670, you cant really run anything else unless a new PSU.
    Save another 20 quid after buying a 500W Psu and buy a 260GTX
  25. gess a GTX260 now in the list huh, at that reslotion, there is no point. but its NOT over kill, as there is no such thing
  26. thats just silly.. yes there is such a thing. i dont mind if you like pissing away money but most people tend not to. so go with the 4670 since its low on power consumption/price and still gives a nice bang
  27. yeah my vote also, consdiering the power.

    but not a GTX260 as there is no need for it, its just waste money (which can be used for a better powersupply :P) or something else maybe
  28. @ Chipmunkzors: I think the GTS250 is going to be a bit too much for the powersupply, newer manufacturing tech or not it still draws more than a 9800GT which is the most I would recommend.
    I would look to either the 9600GT, HD4770 or 9800GT (in order low to high).
  29. +1 4770. if you can find 1..more Energy efficient... and you can oc... to beat 9800 gtx...
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