My 8800gt 100°C at idle?!

Recently I've had my gpu shut off (I'm assuming) leaving both of my monitors in their sleep modes.

I checked the Nvidia monitor and at first it showed the temp jumping around from 64° to 190° which i thought was completely ridiculous.

So i opened up my case and blew my card out with compressed air.

I ran Nvidia monitor again and at this moment it's reading 104°C at idle.

Any ideas?
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  1. oh wow wats the fan speed u running at?
  2. Check if the circle sticker is stuck in the fan, preventing it from turning. The 8800GT's had a few problems with a small sticker being put on the center of the fan on the bottom and it popping off and getting jammed in the fan, especially BFG ones.
  3. i have an XFX 8800 gt, and under the GPU fan settings in Nvidia control panel, it says "99.00% / 105 C"

    Automatic fan control btw
  4. Only thing I can think of is your heatsink has somehow come loose and you'll need to reseat it. Unless your case has like 0 fans your GPU should never reach 100+
  5. change it to 100% see if it lowers it or not. most likely the heatsink was not adjusted properly like Liderc said.
  6. 190? holy fu***** shyt, in all seriousness i hope thats fahrenheit, but somehow, i don't think so...

    thats 374F if any1 is wondering....
  7. Update:

    WOOP! Opened up my case, saw the fan wasn't running, gave it a little love-tap, and BOOM.

    53°C at idle

    60% fan speed

    Gotta love it when you actually know what's wrong with your PC, and it's immediately fixable.

    That like never happens.
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