£10 Reward to anyone that can fix my problem, its driving me mad now


If anyone can fix my problem Il send them £10 by paypal, Its driving me mad and I dont know what to do apart from go out and buy a new motherboard which I shouldnt have to do.

Heres my machines spec :

AMD X2 4200+
AliveNF7G-HDready Motherboard
4GB Matched Corsair DDR2
600w Thermaltake Toughpower PSU with Quad 12v Rails
2 x 250GB SATA Drive

Ok on XP everything runs fine and Crysis and Bioshock play very nicely and smooth with no problems.

My problem is with Vista, I can only install Vista when I disable my PCI express and run on the onboard graphics. As soon as I run the machine from the 8800gt vista either freezes completly on the loading screen or it says Windows has disabled the adapter as it is incompatible

Ive tried formatting both drives about 5 times, tried it on Vista 32 and Vista 64, tried taking some of the ram out, tried loads of different drivers, updated my bios, Ive tried everything I can think of and im stumped.

The only option I can think of is to get a new motherboard but I cant really afford it as Ive just spent out loads on the other bits.

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  1. You disabled the onboard device (the 7 series onbaord video) and started vista in safe mode? (so you can install the 8800 driver).

    Sorry, can't be much help, never seen this before and google ain't helping lol.
  2. have the drivers for the 8800GT been confirmed compatible with vista, especially the 64bit ones? I expect they have, nvidia are quite good in that department
  3. this sounds like a signing issue. vista will not use a driver that is not signed. when booting press F8 and go to the boot options menu, and choose "Disable enforced driver signing" or something like that.
    other than that make sure the onboard vga is not auto and is disabled, and also os type in the bios should be non-plug-and-play
  4. ukscotth said:

    yup someone done figured it out, DISABLE your onboard video device. If that doesn't work that maybe I figured it out, you have an IRQ conflict. They are rare these days but it still happens, try moving your video card to another slot or one of you cards relocated so the bios can reassign its IRQ's
  5. did any of that advice help you?? heeellloooooo??
  6. He does not want to pay the 10 pounds :>>
  7. British sterling for help. Now that it rich.
  8. lol, donate it to charity!

    Anyway, it's been less than 2 hours.
  9. Sounds like Vista tried to install the drivers from Windows Update.

    Best bet is to reformat, and make sure you have turned off Updates when installing.

    When you get into Vista, install the chipset drivers for the motherboard, then install video card drivers. Do not use Beta, and make sure you are getting the right ones for either 64bit or 32bit.

    After you have those installed, you can run Windows Updates and install the fixes. Make sure you are not using any drivers that Windows Updates says need updating. Always go to the manufacterers website and get the real ones. You will have a lot less problems.

    Hope this helps.
  10. On some of the Nvidia chipsets, the 8800 starts out at a higher then normal PCI-Express chipset frequency. I think on some it starts out at 150 when it recognizes the 8800. You could try to lower that back to the 100 that most cards run at. Just my 2 cents. Although that really doesn't seem to go to the whole "works in XP but not in vista" thing. Worth a shot, though.

    Vista sux...
  11. Quote:
    > also os type in the bios should be non-plug-and-play

    Why is that?

    Just curious here.


    Sincerely yours,
    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
    Webmaster, Supreme Law Library

    My guess would be that selecting the non-plug and play option, you enable the motherboard to assign the IRQs instead of the operating system. This way the IRQs are assigned before the operating system loads. I can't get to the Asrock site from work to check to see if the motherboard is supported by Vista. Possibly not supported?
  12. Hi, sorry for the slow reply, just got back home, many thanks for your responses.

    Yes I disbaled the onboard graphics and the driver for the 8800gt is the very latest, released just yesterday, I have also tried previous drivers and the one that came on the CD with the card they are all confirmed to work with vista. I cannot change the slot the card sits in as I only have one PCI-E slot.

    I havnt tried the things mentioned by "cruiseover ide" I will try them now and let you know the results.

    Thanks again.

  13. Ok i tried starting vista using F* and with the "disable driver signing" but still the same problem. I cant disabled my onboard graphics I can only set the primary display to either onboard, PCI or PCI Express.

    The exact error I get when vista starts is :

    "At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter"

    any ideas ?
  14. No problem at all. Call Microsoft and tell them you want to return downgrade Vista or downgrade it to XP Pro, and all your problems will disappear.

    Send my £10 to the Make a Wish Foundation.
  15. nhobo said:
    No problem at all. Call Microsoft and tell them you want to return downgrade Vista or downgrade it to XP Pro, and all your problems will disappear.
    Don't you mean upgrade to XP?
  16. nhobo said:
    No problem at all. Call Microsoft and tell them you want to return downgrade Vista or downgrade it to XP Pro, and all your problems will disappear.

    Send my £10 to the Make a Wish Foundation.

    But I dont want to go back to XP, I like Vista and theres no reason why any of my stuff shouldnt work on it as each part is suppossed to be compatible with vista.
  17. You have to do some trouble shooting here. Have you tried a different card? If so, do you get the same vista-can't-recognize-your-card response?
  18. Dont have another card to try but the 8800gt is working perfectly in XP so I cant imagine theres a problem with the card itself
  19. The point is to isolate vista from 8800 drivers.
  20. Something to try...(not too nice nor logical, but software is strange xD)

    using the onboard video, go to vista, see what video drivers are being used, write them down, uninstall the 8800GT drivers. Restart, go to XP, erase those vista drivers, restart, activate your 8800GT, go to vista and cross your fingers.
  21. Follow this link and follow the instuctions then give it a try.

  22. thanks for your suggestions, il give them a go
  23. Check out what I wrote above ukscotth. I had the same issue as you, and for some reason I could not fix it without doing a complete reinstall and making sure that Windows Update is turned off while installing.

    If it does install the drivers from windows update, then it does not matter what drivers you use now, because the previous will not uninstall correctly.
  24. Hi Dooyas, thanks for your suggestion, at what point do I turn off windows updates ? I cant remember seeing the option during the install process.

    I tried the previous 2 posts suggestions by the way with no luck :(
  25. Should be an option when you are 1st installing, it gives you 3 choices I believe to look for updates.

    Easier solution is just keep it unplugged from the network, when you 1st boot up into Vista after installation go to Windows Update and turn it off. Then you can go on the net and get your drivers fresh from the manufacturers website.
  26. oh i see, Ive been installing vista without the net being connected so I guess that cant be the problem, thnx anyway tho
  27. Your 8800GT is a PCI express generation 2 card. Your board probably doesn't recognise it properly so hence Vista is unable to determine your card.
    You can also go to your video card manufacture site and flash it to PCI-E gen 1. This will then allow you to boot as normal in Vista with this card.

    I've searched the Asrock site and see the below links.

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