Whats the best GFX cards for £100 to £140?

Hi Ive just bought a Quad core 6600 with 2gb 800ghz DDr2Ram and a Gigabyte P35-DS3R m/board.
I am now looking for a PCI-E graphics card. To be honest I am not yet totally clued up on the graphics tech-terms yet. But I am not a total gamer, but some games yes.
My pc is mainly used for music/graphics progs, ie; Protools,Reason,Photoshop,Illustrator & Dreamweaver.
Can anyone help me with advice for what is the best options for £100 to £140?
Thanks to all helping hands out there. This site is tops for good info!!
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  1. well you can get the X1950pro cards for around £70-80 and they are pretty good for all purposes (including gaming). Higher than that would be the X1950XT cards for around 120 ish (much better for gaming).

    On Nvidia side, the 7900 cards or the 7950 cards would probably be in that range (not 100% sure)
  2. can't comment on ATI, but Nvidia............

    if you're prepared to overclock, get a 7900gs - the core is crippled compared to the 7950GT - but the crippled core clocks better, less hot spots it appears! just google "overclock 7900gs", you can get them upto 600mhz from 450, and the performance scales much the same!

    if you look around you can pick them up for $100, but normally around $140

    edit -

    sorry your looking to spend way more money then this - get the 8800 (GTS?) thingy - there in league of there own!
  3. there is a X1950XT 512 for 136 in scan.co.uk , but unfortunately its out of stock :
  4. To all, thanks for advice.
    blade85 who makes the X1950XT?
    Who would anyone recommend Nvidia or ATI for the price bracket of £100-£140?
  5. Personally in that range i like the ATI cards, but to each their own.

    as for the makes of XT, i know of sapphire and gecube that make em

    here is one but it seems to be out of stock aswell: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/125754
  6. Get the ATI HD2600XT DDR3. Its really amazing card for the money.
    I am really astonished with the performance for the $130 I got it.
    2600XT DDR4 is not worthed, only 5% more performance for 30% more price.

    Everything plays good on resolutions 1024x768 on max even Bioshock (30-40 fps).

    My roommate got 8600GT and have identical comp as mine (AMD x2 4000+, 2GB ram) and I beat him in EVERY game. Thats right, I tried many games, C&C, Overlord, Oblivion, FEAR, Supreme Commander, UT2004, Lost Planet, Bioshock, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, CoH, Medal of Honor demo.

    There wasnt single game that 8600 can beat me, and only few where the 2 cards were on par (Lost Planet, Overlord, C&C)

    If you are not hardcore gamer get the HD2600XT DDR3. In the latest games its only few percent behind the ATI 1950Pro and with the new drivers it only gets better (also its cheaper than the 1950 Pro). Also you get full HD Video support + Audio + Dx10 (which at least you can try to see if its worthed, but even Bioshock is playable on DX10 and driver fix should close the gap even more)

    Thats from me, very happy owner of 2600XT.
    Honestly I expected less, may be thats why I am so glad of it :)
  7. rickster7 said:
    To all, thanks for advice.
    blade85 who makes the X1950XT?
    Who would anyone recommend Nvidia or ATI for the price bracket of £100-£140?

    For an extra £39 you can get an EGA 8800GTS 320mb.

  8. I cant find any x1950XTs now, all out of stock. At least any below £110 like the Sapphire 256mb one was.
  9. agreed ^^^
  10. rickster7, what games do you plan on running? You may not need to spend that much money; what card you ultimately purchase will depend on your software requirements, not just your budget.

    Are you a casual gamer who likes to play slightly older games, or newer games at lower resolutions? A mid-range card would suffice. With bigger cards also come power, noise and footprint considerations. All that will add cost.

    The DX9-capable, ATI X1950 Pro GPU was yesterday's mid-range champ..today it's a bargain basement wonder and can still run with the big boys. However as Rawsteel mentioned, you may be interested in HD video acceleration and DX10 support, so a mid-range card such as those based on the ATI HD2600XT GPU would be an option.
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