20inch monitor for £400 - which out of these three?

I'm having real truble deciding which 20inch monitor to chose

LG L2000C pro 8ms


Samsung SM204B 5ms


ViewSonic VP2030b

Please can anyone give me advice as this is a load of money so want to make the correct choice. There isn't any reviews on ebuyer, dabs etc.

Many thanks


Also, some are 'wide screen' do people find this makes them a bit too letter boxy? or at this size does it still look cool?
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  1. i have the samsung 204B, sick monitor, great price, great size, 5MS, wow i love it. little heavy though, but DEFINTELY worth it.
  2. I also have the 204b and have no complaints at all. BF2 looks awesome and no ghosting whatsoever. I hughly recommend it.
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