new AGP graphics card for around £100 (english) ($160?)

I need a new graphics card as my fx5500 has finally decided it has had enough, and what little performance it had has packed its bags up and left :lol: I cant really afford to make the jump to Pci express yet, i think my rig is still alright:

3.2ghz Prescott @ 3.4 (socket 478)
80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache hard drive
1024mb Corsair DDR 400/PC3200
dont know what motherboard....haha

im thinking maybe something along the lines of:
Anyone know anything about this card, or alternatively any other card for around the same price that has better performance.
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  1. If you're staying with AGP, your best bet for the money is an X800 card.

    X800GT, X800, X800GTO, X800 PRO, or X800XT from worst to best. Get the best one you can afford.

    For under 100 pounds, the 12-pipe card you've chosen is an excellent buy for you. I say go ahead and pick it up.
  2. Yeah, i didnt know if i could believe it at first, 12 pipeline card with 256mb GDDR3 256 bit for under £110. Im going to go and order that now. Hopefully it will have good overclocking abilities.

    Does anyone know whether i could unlock any other pipelines on that card, to make it similair in performance to a XL/XT? Any info would be much appreciated, im pretty much a hardware novice :) Doesnt matter if i cant, the performance of that card should already boost performance to a playable level in the games play (DoD Source, CS source etc).

    Cheers for the help Cleeve.
  3. Unfortunately, the X800's can't be pipe-unlocked, and most of them can't be overclocked much.

    Still, good card for the price. And if you're one of the lucky ones who get's a good overclocker, you're laughing.
  4. Only thing that scares me about that X800 is it says "UP TO 12 PIPELINES" and not that it HAS 12 pipelines for sure. Could it be an 8 pipe GT? I'd make sure first.
  5. I understood it to mean 12 pipelines...
    so technically, up to 16! :wink:
  6. Seems like a strong card, and judging by the size of the cooler, may have some O/C'ing potential with a bit of luck.

    Grab one now!
  7. i took your advice and ordered one last night :D Probably wont get it before christmas though, oh well. I might finally be able to play games "the way they are meant to be played", i.e. no FX cards in sight :D Thanks for the advice guys, ill tell you all how it performs when i get it!

    Now what other upgrades to get........
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