Please help me cause I can´t decide...

Im thinking about buying a Geforce 2 Pro and I got two choices:

Gainward GF 2 PRO/450 "Golden Sample" 64 MB DDRam 4.5,
400 MHz Palette-Dac, TV-Out, Retail

Asus V7700 64 MB DDRam 350 MHz RamDac, TV-Out, Retail

The Cards are about the same price.

The questions...

1. Is there a difference between RamDac and Palette-Dac or is it the same thing?

2. What does 4.5ns and 3.5ns stand for and whats best?

3. The specs for the Gainward Pro-card says it got a GF 2 GTS GPU, and the specs for the Asus Pro-card says it got a GF 2 PRO GPU. There both Pro cards. Is it an error in the text or is the Asus-card equipt with a better GPU, and in that case why are they both PRO?

4. Which one of the cards above do you think is the best buy?

(5). How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

(6). Is the answer really blowing in the wind?

Im most grateful for answers since I don´t know anything about tech stuff. I just wanna play. ;)
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  1. 1.) Who cares, the PRo and the GTS use the same chip
    2.) The shortest amount of time at which the memory can cycle continuously. Where do you see 3.5ns?
    3.) They are both Pros by the spec, except that the Gainward card uses faster than spec memory, so you can overclock the memory further. Because the GeForce 2 line is constricted by memory speed, you can see huge improvements on the Gainward card by overclocking the memory on it. The Asus card most likey uses 5ns or 5.5ns memory, which cannot clock as high. Since nVidia sets the standard for memory clock, by using faster memory the Gainward was DESIGNED for overclocking it's memory. They use the same GPU.
    4.) The Gainward is the best buy on the market right now because of it's faster memory.
    5.) Depends on the roads and the weather. If a man walks from Sault Ste Marrie, MI to Miami, FL down I-75 starting in January and ending in August, he's going to be called a man.
    6.) No, the answer my friend is found in Toms Hardware Guide's community.

    Back to you Tom...
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