Laptop for around €700 £600 $850

Hey so like many people im here for advice on a 'cheap gaming laptop'
em ive scrounged the internet for specs and ideas but im leading to a dead end so i thought id ask here

Basically i was thinking or a laptop with the following specs
CPU: i5 3210m or the amd equiv
Ram : 4-8 GB
Hard Drive: 500gb+ (not really important though as i can get an external one)
Graphics: i was thinking of trying to get the GTX 660m or amd equiv but its seems to come in much higher end laptops but something in the 'Mid-higher range' that will run most games without stutter on medium
After that a good cooling system would be nice and a 15.6' screen preferably Full HD
Is it even possible to get somethiing like this with the money i have?? thanks :)
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  1. Check out the Y580, perfect for all your needs. Skyrim+BF3 maxed out at 1366x768p for $850.
  2. Unfortunately i cannot get lenovo us to ship to Ireland and the irish version is €1000
    Couldnt find any coupons
  3. More than likely but if they dont have posting to Ireland it would have to have it to Cambridge
  4. I looked at an OptimusIV on pcspecialist with though with the specs and it was 800€ or £700 so that sort of money is out of my range unless its an amazing laptop like that y580
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