Looking for a decent, light laptop below £500

Hi there, I just wanted some expert advice on buying a new laptop. I recieved my current laptop, Acer Aspire 6935G, as a gift and although the specs hold up as still being a decent laptop, it is a bit too big and heavy to carry around with me. I go to college and would like to take it, but due to the weight I am unable to carry it around all day, leaving me with shoulder pain. I do have an iPad and although it suits my needs for now, I don't have an internet connection 24/7 so it will be hard to transfer docs etc. say if I have to hand in some College work on that day...

My needs are as follows:

# Light (Required)
# Slim (Not required but optional)
# Compact (Again not required)
# Dedicated Graphics (Prefered)
# Be in the price range of £300 - £500
# Atleast 4GB RAM
# Intel CPU (i5 maybe?)
# Looking to avoid Acer laptops but not bothered

I have been looking at a range of laptops and was considering a MacBook. I think i am going to skip buying one though due to Apple with their restriction on which models get an OS upgrade etc. and also the price I have to pay in order to get one.

It would be great if you could help me and any help is appriciated :)

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  1. My second post here was posted in accident. Please remove this post, (Not the thread).

  2. Thank-you for your reply. Sorry about the tight budget,just really thinking it would cover for a decent laptop is all. I have looked at both the ones you recommended and would like to get the Asus i7 laptop once I get the money. The one thing that troubles me is, would I see a difference etc. between an i5 laptop and an i7? For example. speed etc. Also what are the integrated cards on laptops like these days as I see those two don't have them...

    In reply to the Sony one you recommended also, I found the Dell Inspiron 15 to be cheaper with roughly the same specs but with 6GB RAM rather than 4GB. Is Dell ok for their laptops?
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