Life just dealt me a £1800 ($2789.28) budget present , help !

I have two to three days to spend £1800 ($2789.28) on laptop , before you tell me I am better off building desktop for half the price I can only spend this money on Laptop and I have a deadline until the end of the week.
Now I had in mind Macbook pro or Alienware , keep in mind I am based in UK and I am not going to travel a lot in the foreseeable future.

I am fine with using either OS , I am a gaming enthusiast and get kick out of running new tittles once in a while and dabbling in MMO's. I also work on adobe and photoshop. This will be my main computer for 2012-Q1 2014.

Please suggest good choices as specific as possible , all help much appreciated ! :bounce:
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  1. Not to many of us mess with laptops for gaming although a few do hopefully they will be able to help you good luck! :)
  2. Alienware M18x
  3. if you have the money, the top of the line laptop would be a dual gpu laptop(like redeemer said, alienware m18x) with 2 GTX 680m(the 680m is quite powerful, stronger than the gtx 570 desktop, a tiny bit less than the gtx 580 desktop for a single 680m)
  4. Here is a link of some gaming laptops if you need suggestions.

    Just go all out and get a SSD drive and HDD with over 1TB. Make sure you get alot of RAM and a powerful graphic card with plenty of dedicated memory.
    Oh yeah and a huge screen.
  5. redeemer said:
    Alienware M18x

    I would agree if there was another 200+ in the budget but the only real reason for that monstrocity is the SLI/XFire graphics capability and the multiple hard drives, by the time that is included, the budget's been blown.

    I would suggest an MSI GT60, customized to the hilt should still be within budget. Larger screen could easily be an external monitor (or TV) if needed.
  6. Thanks for all the replies so far, in regards to the m18x if I were to bump budget up by 200-300 in theory I could delay getting new desktop for two or more years while still enjoying smooth gaming experience ?
    Reading some reviews of m18x people getting defective laptops from Dell ( here in UK) nightmare to get sorted out over two months , also the m18x screen seems to be sub par.

    @C12Friedman the msi looks promising on first glance though I do not know much about them .

    Anyone has personal experience gaming mac book pro ?
    If you have any more suggestion or advice please do tell , thanks !
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