Looking for a good laptop with a budget of £400

Hi Folks,

I've been looking to purchase a new laptop for a while now, as the one I have is getting pretty slow and the parts in it are ancient! I'm hoping to sell it to someone in the family, but I've been trying to find a new one with half decent parts for about £400.

I've scoured some sites and asked some friends and they pointed me towards an HP Pavillion DV6 http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-dv6-6005sa-refurbished-15-6-laptop-white-11102597-pdt.html... (a refurb I think)

I've also been on PC World and seen a Lenovo laptop: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/lenovo-z575-15-6-laptop-gun-metal-11884717-pdt.html

I don't know too much about computers, but I'm looking to get one whereby I can play some modern games such as Minecraft, Total War and other modernish games but also to store a lot of music on.

So! Does can anyone recommend me with which laptop to get? Or do you know any other laptops that are better which I can buy for about £400

Thanks Guys!
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  1. The dell refurbished products site is a good place to look, prob other brands refurbs too. The key is to have patience since its not a standard stock, options and configurations are always changing and quantity depends on what gets refurbished..

    I have not done much research for laptops in this price range, but a while back I was in a similar boat, wanting a decent laptop in this price range for college. I ended up getting a dell inspiron 14" with 4gb ram, intel core2duo@ 2.4ghz and 320 gb hard drive for about 500$ brand new would have prob been 700-800... this was in 2009 i think.
  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for your reply, I also saw just recently an HP G6 link: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-g6-1336sa-15-6-laptop-charcoal-12303695-pdt.html?intcmpid=display~RR~~12303695

    8GB RAM and Quad Core Processor does look nice! I'm not looking for a big rig or anything, just something that can play some of the more modern games really! I know some people have been saying Alienware, but I don't have that money and I'm really looking for something that is a good all round performer.

    Like I said the games I'll probably play are Minecraft and the Total War Series, nothing like Crysis 2 :P

    Thanks for your reply!
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