Help! I need a decent laptop for no more than £700

Im no computer whizz so please forgive me for my severe lack of techno knowledge, but this is why I need some good advice from the pro's... I don't want to be conned by pushy sales people into buying the most expensive laptop and paying more than I need to because they've seen me coming!

An ex blew up my desktop pc about 4 yrs ago trying to mod it up! As an apology he bought me a laptop, but he clearly bought the cheapest in the shop because its given me 4 years of hell. Its a Medion, Windows Vista, Intel Celeron M (thats all the technical info I can give you Im afraid). Its so exceptionally slow, it freezes, it crashes, its incapable of multi-tasking, simple actions send it into a wobbler - I can't take it anymore! I HAVE to buy new one...

So despite being rather skint Im just going to have to invest in a new laptop. I've set a limit of no more than £700 and this laptop has to last me several years. It has to function with some decent speed, have a good amount of memory for photo's, music, vid's, software etc, should be able to multi-task (I can be downloading music, uploading online auction listings, using online image hosting websites, sending emails etc all at once).

Im assuming a good CPU is key when finding a decent laptop but all the different types means nothing to me.

I have been wondering about a HP G6-1155sa - its within my budget at £600 and has an Intel Core i5-2410M processor, 4Gb RAM, 640Gb hard drive. I've read a few reviews and its been rated pretty highly. Would this do the job for my general all round usage?

I can't handle anymore wasted hours staring that god awful spinning timer...waiting...waiting...waiting...for my laptop to carry out the most basic of functions. Its sending me round the bend!!!

Thanks :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to TH forums.

    Yeah, to tell you the truth Vista itself is a very unstable system, which added to your frustration with a current laptop. When you get a new one it will have Windows 7 on it, and it'll work much better. :)

    As far as HP G6 laptop, I think it will fit your needs wonderfully for at least next 4 years. Given that you don't start doing something like 3d designing or high resolution video editing (out of the things you mention you generally do, I think, you'll be fine)

    Best of luck, I would recommend to check around other companies to see if you might get a better deal. And enjoy your new laptop once you get it.
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