Intel® Core™ i3-380M vs Intel® Pentium® Processor B940

i am trying to decide between two similarly priced computers. each has similar specs other than the processors which i know nothing about.

i will be using it for college for research and presentations but will also be using it for personal use like musing and videos.

can anyone help me by identifying the difference between the two? thanks
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  1. The Core i3... is MUCHHHHHH better....

    It ranks 55th

    The pentium ranks in the 130s...

    Don't even ask that kind of question! The pentium processors are the weakest family of processors that are still being sold new...
  2. Where would a AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P340 rank among the three?
  3. It ranks 194th, worse then the others. The Core i3 is still much better.
  4. not surprised becuse the athlons are the same dated CPU's as the pentiums
  5. Check this out "Guys"!

    You can click at the tops of the columns to collate the data to your liking!
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