Best Laptop Under £400

Hey guys, not been here for a fair while but i know this forum carries the most knowledge when it comes to computing, so, here we go;

What is the best laptop my mum can get for a very MAX of £400?

What i'd prefer to have;

3-4gb ram
windows 7
i3 processor
250gb+ hdd

Now i know this fairly "high" spec for a laptop but i just want the best for her money, she had her last laptop a goof 7 years and it's still pretty good now, however she paid through her nose for it at PC World lolol.

"God look yaself ya lazy sod!" - Unfortunately i'm at work so time on the net is VERY limited and i wont have access (other than work) for the next week or so - therefore any help you guys can offer will be massively appreciated!

Thanks again Guys.
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  1. also 512mb+ graphics would be nice :D
  2. That's basically impossible to have a core i3 and a 512mb graphics chip for under 400,
  3. I've seen a few with the integrated intel graphics and apparently they're not too bad for playing your old games such as CSS etc, these have been for around £400ish.

    I've been speaking to me mum and told her it's impossible to get a laptop thats pretty much as good as the one she already has for under 400 so she said she's willing to drop the screen size to 15"...

    I've tried to talk her into getting a little pc since she doesnt take her laptop anywhere but she doesnt want to lug it around all over the place when she wants to move it... i gave up, she can have a crappy laptop that wont last her five mins lol.

    I found this;
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