Best lgaming aptop for £800

Hey guys, hope you can help me out!

I wouldn't normally dream of getting a laptop for gaming but i have an insurance claim for £800 that has to be spent on a laptop.

Given this what are your recommendations for the best i can get for that type of money? What brands should i be looking at, and what specific models?

Storage is not an issue, i have 1TB+ on my PC. I would be using it mainly for playing strategy games, not fast flowing first person shooters.

Lets hear your what you have to say!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    Dell XPS M1530,DELL STUDIO 17, ASUS M70, ACER ASPIRE 8920 are all perfect games for your budget
  2. I'm not sure what they go for, but the Gateway P6831FX is in that price range over here at least, and will flatten the Dell and Asus notebooks listed above in gaming performance (slower CPU though).
  3. That Gateway isn't availabe in UK,if it was i would definitely have recommended it
  4. Thanks for the tips guys.

    What about the Dell Inspiron 1720, comes with an 8600M GT, how does this card stack up against other graphics card? What should i be looking for as a minimum?
  5. 8600MGT is a mid-range card which is capable of running current games at medium settings
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