Corsair Acquires Raptor Gaming

As part of the buy out, Corsair will receive Raptor Gaming's full product portfolio of keyboards, mice, headsets, and accessories, which will form a new series of gaming products alongside Corsair's existing line of Vengeance PC gaming products. For users who aren't so familiar with Raptor Gaming, some of its more popular products include; the M4 mouse, K3 keyboard, and H5 headset

To facilitate this transition, Raptor Gaming executives CEO Dirk Schunk and COO Heinz-Dieter Ludwig will remain engaged with Corsair during transition. Raptor Gaming has a strong retail presence in Germany, the largest market for video gaming in Europe, with products widely available in major chains including Media Markt, Saturn, Real, Kaufland, and Conrad. This expands Corsair's worldwide presents and supply chain, along with opening up Raptor Gaming products to other areas of the world.

"Corsair and Raptor share the same goal, bringing best-in-class PC hardware to gamers around the world," said Andy Paul, President and CEO of Corsair. "Raptor Gaming's strong retail presence will allow us to offer a wider range of PC hardware to gamers across Germany."

"As gamers ourselves, we formed the Raptor Gaming business to create high-performance PC gear to give gamers the absolute best gaming experience," said Dirk Schunk, CEO of Raptor Gaming. "Corsair's strong global brand and worldwide distribution will open up Raptor Gaming products to a wider audience of gamers around the world."


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  • festa_freak
    Presents! Yay!!! I like raptor (although never bought from them) and I love corsair.
  • EzioAs
    Corsair is taking things seriously these days. Love em!
  • virtualhawk86
    Raptor are one of my favorite brands :)