Report: Asus EeePC Tablet to Run on Tegra

There's no solid evidence that we'll see this puppy at CES in a few weeks time but if is right, when we do catch sight of it, it'll be packing Nvidia's Tegra processor. reports that the Asus will be basing its EeePC tablet on Tegra but adds that it's not yet clear if the device will utilize the first generation Tegra CPU or if Asus will opt for Tegra 2. According to netbooknews the device will hit in March 2010, meaning Tegra 2 is a definite possibility.

We're intrigued!

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  • 08nwsula
    hopefully this is more successful than the zune
  • Ehsan w
    so what's the difference between tegra 1 and 2
  • antemon
    The real question is... what's the difference between "" and ""

    two articles I've read so far today and I've spotted three typos/grammer errors already.