The Ladies Of Computex, Part One

With that in mind we sent our smoothest Italian editor out onto the show floor to grab some pictures of the finest booth babes at Computex, and here’s what our good friend Andrea came back with (we’re still waiting to find out if he used the old, “Ciao, Bella!” line).

Pardon me if I don’t caption all of these. I’m a woman and I don’t feel that’s my place, but feel free to comment.

Without further ado, here are the girls from the Arctic Cooling booth and AMD’s women, along with a random chick in a red dress. Click the pictures to enlarge (no pun intended):

That's all for now but we're told more pictures are on the way. Stay tuned for part two, which we'll be posting in a couple of hours, and parts three and four, which we'll be posting just in time for the weekend!

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  • computerninja7823
  • Kill@dor
    Wow. That's only a handful of them...and plenty of sausages in the background! The women are gorgeous non the less...
  • sublifer
    Yay! Thanks all