FarmVille 2: Zynga's Latest Contribution to Facebook Addiction

If you were one of the many that fell hopelessly addicted to Zynga's FarmVille game launched in 2009, you better be careful with the company's latest title. After many months in development and several more in closed beta, Zynga made its highly anticipated FarmVille 2 available to players on both Facebook and

Initially, the original was able to capture the hearts of millions of virtual Facebook farmers, but the game's addicted player base has declined over the years. Despite the launch of many, many titles since, FarmVille remains Zynga's biggest hit. But now it looks like things are about to change thanks to FarmVille 2.

In addition to brand new Flash 11-powered 3D graphics, the sequel brings with it major changes to the game's farming aspect. Now, instead of getting coins from your tomatoes, you get... well... tomatoes! With a brand new crafting system in play, players now have to balance feeding their animals, watering their plots and crafting items to sell using harvested materials.

If you played the original FarmVille to a high level, you probably remember the incessant clicking required to tend to and harvest your massive farm. Now, your wrists and fingers will be pleased to learn that FarmVille 2 lets you use sweeping motions to water, plant or harvest with one simple action.

It's still too early to tell whether or not the sequel will trump its predecessor in amassing an army of addicted players, but we have to admit just the visuals alone make it quite tempting.


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    Women aren't meant to be gamers, Zynga.
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    I'm surprised they didn't HTML5 it instead of flash. Lots of casual gamers have iphones/ipads so they won't be able to play on those devices. But then again... lots of casual gamers also use IE7 and 8 still which are very out of date can don't support HTML 5 goodies.